You are a busy working nurse who wants to get healthy and lose weight permanently.

Why is it that you know all the tings you should do to lose weight but they haven’t worked?

You’ve struggled with your weight for years. Started and stopped so many diets. You don’t have enough energy to get through your busy days.

The problem is that you know how to care for others but you don’t know how to care for yourself. The Healthy Nurse Project is where you can learn how to care for your self and lose weight.

I am Catherine Bartola, RN, MSN and have been a working nurse for four decades. I have worked all shifts and most nursing specialties. I currently workĀ  in a busy ambulatory surgical care facility in southeastern Pennsylvania. My weight loss struggle ended last year when I tackled my emotional eating. The component all other diet plans don’t include but which is absolutely necessary to make any life improvement stick. I am going to blog about how a group of nurses at my surgery center lose weight this year while they learn how to control their emotional eating.