Weighing and Measuring Life

I struggle with not eating a meal as soon as I come home from work.

What can I do to eat my dinner meal at 17:00 instead of once I enter the house, which may be anytime from 13:00 to 16:00?

My mind says:

  • you just had a hard day at work
  • you have nothing else to do
  • you are tired and need energy
  • you need comfort
  • you need the food to relax
  • you deserve a meal now

But I want to answer the WHAT question above, not listen to my mind.

I do meal prep and write down my meal the day before so I do not need to spend any time in the kitchen.

In order to support my 17:00 planned meal time I must go somewhere else in the house and complete other things.

I can do the following actions to counter what my mind says:

  • work on a quilt
  • talk to my husband
  • write in my blog
  • walk in the park

I have a short list now but I know the list will grow as I come to value the time between lunch and planned dinnertime as time I can use to weigh, measure and accomplish the other things I want to do in life. I may not yet know what all of them are but as I add them to my list I will see I am living my life instead of just weighing and measuring food in the kitchen. WHAT I can do is take my focus off food and into the rest of life.


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