I have been on a NO SUGAR NO FLOUR diet for the past two and one-half weeks. That means no processed foods. If it doesn’t look like the original food, I am not eating it.

I have passed the fatigue period many experience when coming off the dopamine stimulating effects of processed sugar and flour.

I did not experience strong cravings like others talk about because my diet was pretty clean to begin with. My addictive foods were savory in nature, potato chips, fried foods, and bread products slathered in oils.

I have experienced a release from thinking about getting these processed foods in my diet. I don’t plan and think about when and where I can get my favorite potato chips. Just thinking about potato chips started an endless thought loop about them that built a craving and led me to go get some. I didn’t realize how much time I spend thinking about these foods. Not thinking about potato chips and processed foods has FREED UP space in my mind to think on others things!

I let thoughts of these foods run amok and have free reign in my head, letting them rule my actions.

That activity is done with as I have decided these foods are addictive for me. ANY amount of these foods will light up the dopamine addicted neurotransmitters in my brain and I will binge.

So the answer for me, like any alcoholic or drug addicted person is – NO MORE, EVER, NONE, NADA!

I calm my frantic brain right now by reminding it that I gave it this crappy food to eat for 50+ years and that has been long enough!

My next step in the week ahead is to build automaticity into my meal planning and preparation.  Early on this looks like listing the proteins, whole grains, legumes, fats, vegetables and fruits I enjoy and bundling them into meals. This will guide my shopping and advance meal preparation. It will also greatly reduce the amount of time I think about food.

I want to be free from food thoughts as they have ruled my mind for so many years. I am excited to see how I can use my mind once there is so much more thinking time for other endeavors.

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