One Year On

It has been one year since starting The Healthy Nurse Project.

You know how the news channels do an end of year review; people that died, bad news, good news. I’m going to review all my thoughts that died this past year as a result of my reading, thinking, and learning. Next, I’ll list the thoughts I wish had died but probably won’t die till I die. Finally, there are the new thoughts I want to keep that make my living better.

Thoughts that died:

  • The government knows about nutrition
  • Animal fat is bad
  • I have to eat breakfast
  • Skipping meals is bad for me
  • It’s hard to eat healthy
  • My memory is accurate

Thoughts persisting in my head that I wish would die:

  • Fasting is hard
  • I can eat whatever I want
  • I have earned a food reward
  • I can’t do this
  • I’ll start over tomorrow
  • These potato chips are the healthy version
  • Food keeps me from being bored

Thoughts valuable to me I want to keep thinking:

  • My perspective is real to me and no one else
  • Food is my medicine
  • Eating healthy is my lifestyle
  • Animals, nature, and people are the best anti-depressants

Do your own end of year review. I was surprised at the consistent thoughts that are inside my head, both good and bad. I will work on the helpful ones this coming year. Happy 2020 to all!




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