Strengthening Our DG Muscle Around Holiday Food

What’s a DG muscle?

It exists solely in our minds.

It works to delay gratification.

As in putting off a reward or pleasure.

I am real good at putting off spending money on clothes or shoes. That is because it has never been an interest or desire of mine. So delaying buying new clothes or accessories is not the way to strengthen my DG muscle.

But food is another matter entirely! I love buying and making food.

If I buy or eat food when I am not hungry I am rewarding myself IMMEDIATELY.

If I don’t eat till my planned meal time despite wanting the food EVERY minute up until that planned meal time I am using my DG muscle to delay my reward.

It is 100% my choice to delay my reward. When I use my DG muscle I do not pass off my food choices to other people or circumstances.

Remember, our toddler brain will blame other people and situations to make us feel better about not following our plan. The DG muscle is an opposing muscle to this toddler brain thinking!

I have practiced strengthening my delayed gratification muscle over the past year by increasing my intermittent fasting window. Because the DG muscle in my head was pretty flabby I did this in increments.

First I skipped breakfast a few days a week; then every day.

Next I added a skipped lunch a few days a week on work days.

Then I added a skipped dinner a few days a week. This placed me in a longer fasting window of 36 to 42 hours one to three times a week.

I plan to stay busy on fasting days. But I still think about food a lot. Even though my DG muscle around food is stronger I still have to purposefully flex it when my primitive toddler brain WANTS THE FOOD NOW JUST BECAUSE I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!!!!

This holiday season there will be loads of unhealthy food in the lounge brought by vendors, doctors, and each of us. Lots of opportunity for us to exercise our DG muscles!

No one is making us eat this stuff.

Plan what you really want to eat and  WHEN you want to eat it.


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