Am I fooling myself?

A dangerous thought has been rolling around inside my head and popped up into my consciousness today.

Am I just fooling myself by thinking I can lose weight and keep it off?

Because I haven’t done it in the past.

Because it really won’t make a difference in my life.

Because it is hard to do.

Because it really doesn’t matter.

Because no one else cares.

Man, I need to get out the violins now that my thoughts are on this negative roll.

I understand all the neurophysiology that is going on as I am producing these thoughts that consequently direct my actions to give me the result I do not want: weight gain.

So, instead of believing these thoughts which are full of negative crap I went back and read some of my previous blog posts.

I am very grateful to the part of my past self that was thoughtful and gives me a much more positive bunch of thoughts to work with. She lives quietly in my blog words.

If my past built the negative thinking part of my primitive brain it also built the positive thinking part of my primitive brain. And this positive part is documented for me in my blog, thank the stars!

The negative bully is so much louder and drowns out the positive thinker gal all the time!

Today I remind myself the negative bully can go in another room, sit in the corner and I can shut the door on her.

Today, me and Miss Positive Thinking are having a nice cup of coffee together and enjoying the morning.



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