Balancing Emotions to Get Results

This past month I have introduced the idea of a USEFUL NO to negotiate with my feelings and stop overeating or stop eating food off my plan and protocol.

I have not practiced what I have preached! Consequently I gained 5 pounds. A stated DEALBREAKER for me.

I have put myself in this situation by:

  • Crazy feasting while on vacation. Specifically eating 3 PARTY SIZE bags of Maui brand potato chips which are the best chips on the planet and  I cannot buy them here!
  • Not following a meal plan once I got home. I thought “I want to still be on vacation so will continue to eat like I did on vacation!”
  • Eating comfort foods after Skyping with my 92 year old Mama who is now in hospice.
  • Feeling depressed with the onset of shorter days now identified as seasonal affective disorder.
  • The weather turned colder so I started eating cold weather foods like pasta, Shepards pie, chili, and homemade pizza.
  • I started on a new cholesterol medication that causes weight gain because I do not want to live on a NSNF vegan diet for the rest of my life. I want some salmon, eggs, and cheese now and then for Pete’s sake!
  • I quit walking at 3.5 mph on the treadmill every morning and just walked at 3 mph because of no good reason that I can think of other than laziness.

Look at how I easily came up with at least 6 victim mentality reasons to overeat or eat food that is VERY unhealthy for my body.

This is the value of having DEALBREAKERS!

My 5 POUND WEIGHT GAIN dealbreaker forced me to stop, think about what I am thinking and see how it is making me feel. How I feel led to all these actions and a 5 pound weight gain.

I am not going to judge myself. That is not helpful. 

I am going to laugh at my primitive brain though, because she has been ruling the roost in my head for the past month completely unhindered by my thinking brain! 

She has me feeling depressed, ashamed, lazy, frustrated, scared, desperately out of control, and back to thinking like a victim wondering what is wrong with me.

I unconsciously chose negative emotions and they put 5 pounds of fat on me!

Now it is time to choose more helpful emotions to counter the negative ones.

Instead of depressed — PATIENT.

Instead of desperate — HELPFUL. 

Instead of victimized — NECESSARY.

Instead of scared — BRAVE.

Instead of ashamed — LOVED.

Instead of frustrated — CURIOUS.

Instead of lazy — ENERGIZED.

For each negative emotion that does not move me toward a positive result I have identified an emotion that will. This will balance my emotional state when I desire to do something that is not in my best interests.

Negative emotions will always be there. However, I am giving them too much weight on the seesaw in my primitive brain. By turning up my awareness of these positive emotions the negative ones will automatically have less weight. 

Remember the abacus? I am moving my bead from the negative side closer to the positive side in my brain. Each emotion can be balanced with another. But practicing which one I want to be stronger is the only way I will change how I feel.

I am responsible for my emotions, no one and no other happening in the world will ever be responsible for what goes on inside my head.

I want to turn this month long failure into a success. Exposing my many failures this year has been embarrassing but necessary! I am learning from each one, much more that if I lost the weight and kept it off without effort!

That’s looking on the positive side!!!

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