One of my favorite quotes is from Liz Lemon on 30 Rock, “That’s a DEALBREAKER!”

Liz referred to a dealbreaker as something that would lead to a relationship breakup. So I thought, why not use a dealbreaker to end a crappy relationship I have with food.

We can use “Dealbreakers” as a strategy for interrupting the  pleasure-seeking, stress-feeding thoughts the primitive brain habitually produces.

Brainpower or willpower is a limited commodity. It is gone by the end of the workday.

Dealbreakers are recognizable stop points for the primitive brain, which ALWAYS rules after a long, tiring or stressful day.

Dealbreakers remind me when to ask a USEFUL NO question of my primitive brain.

Dealbreakers will interrupt primitive brain thoughts that are screaming “I WANT!” and “I NEED!”

My easy to remember diet-focused Dealbreakers are:

  • 5 pound weight gain.
  • Food that gives me diarrhea or constipation. (Duh!)
  • Processed foods.
  • Dried stuff in a box or bag.
  • Eating after 7:00 pm.
  • Sugar.
  • Fast food made by random teenagers.
  • Food shopping on a fast day.

Dealbreakers, Useful No questions, and great habits are simple resources to control your primitive toddler brain.

Bring out your dealbreakers and use them consciously!

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