A “Useful No” Supports Our Underdog Brain

This project is about weight loss and weight maintenance.

So why do I keep writing about thinking?

Because, it is the ONLY way change happens in humans. Thinking consciously is the ONLY weight loss tool you need to plan what you will eat or not eat, buy or not buy, cook or not cook, enjoy or not enjoy, repeat or not repeat.

Tim Urban eloquently explains in A Game of Giants why it’s necessary to root for the underdog – OUR CONSCIOUS THOUGHTS:

“. . . . the Primitive Mind is just doing what it’s programmed to do—help us pass our genes on in 50,000 BC. In each case, our problems stem from the fact that we no longer live in the world we were optimized by evolution to live in. And in each case, there’s hope to make things better—because right next to the Primitive Mind in our heads is an advanced center of clarity and wisdom and independent agency. The Higher Mind may be the underdog, but he’s a fighter.”

To change our mind about what we need to do to lose and maintain our weight requires rooting for the underdog – CONSCIOUS THINKING. Support those thoughts that keep you away from unhealthy food and on plan.

Last week I explained how a USEFUL NO question gives our “Higher Mind” a chance to be involved in all the decision-making around food. A timely USEFUL NO question can prevent overeating, buying crappy food, stopping for fast food, watching food ads, reading about food and eating off plan.

I came up with some more USEFUL NO questions this week to remind me of my diet motivators: to be healthy and feel energized.

  • Is the salt/fat/sugar in this food healthy for me?  NO!
  • Is this doughnut going make me feel awesome?  NO!
  • Is it a good idea to stuff myself?  NO!
  • Have I given up on losing weight?  NO!

Use your motivators to build some USEFUL NO questions and give your “Higher Mind” a chance to negotiate with your primitive brain!





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