First Class

Do you have a bucket list?

I have a short one. Last week I ticked off one item – flying first class. I’ve been flying since I was three and had my first first-class experience at 60.

What do I think about first class?  Meh! It was just OK and I would spend the extra thousands a completely different way, or better yet, save them.

However, for months I did enjoy the anticipation of getting to fly first class.

I wanted the pleasure of unlimited alcohol, food, space and flight attendants that would cater to my every need while I whizzed through the air.

The reality was the alcohol was the same poor quality, just served individually instead of off a cart blocking the isle. We did get a meal on a tray with real silverware. Oddly, they gave a hot, rose-scented washcloth to clean our hands before each meal. As an infection control nurse I thought this was an excellent idea.

I didn’t sleep despite the fully reclining chair. There is the same level of noise and vibration in first class as economy. I did have fun playing with the seat controls.

All the new thrills and wonderful experiences I was anticipating didn’t pan out.

I realized most of my anticipation about first class revolved around eating and drinking in a special way, 600 mph 39,000 feet up in the air.

I had made thoughts about eating and drinking the priority as opposed to the journey itself.

I realized I needed to change this thought pattern. I changed my thoughts from food and drink to the thrill of whizzing through the air. Something I rarely get to do and have enjoyed since the age of three when they served me a stick of Wrigley’s spearmint gum and a white mug of milk. I spilled the milk on myself. Tray tables didn’t exist in 1961.

Choose how to think of experiences, whether they are past, present, or future. If food comes first into your thoughts, go past those thoughts and onto others. It is the secondary and third thoughts that will help focus the brain away from food.

I watched a great movie this weekend, East Side Sushi. I love movies about food! The movie opens with a quote “A good sushi chef can pick up his knife and go anywhere he chooses, like a samurai warrior.” (Mia Derrick)

I would like to adapt this concept to: A person can change their thoughts and go anywhere they choose, like anyone else. It is our thoughts that make our journey!

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