Last week I talked about how we label MISTAKES as BAD and how that impacts progress.

We also label the word FAILURE as BAD. Why?

FAILURE is defined as an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful.

  • So a failure is along the way to success.
  • If you fail you will succeed. That doesn’t sound so bad.

SUCCESS is defined as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.

  • So success is achieved by doing multiple actions that failed!
  • Failure sounds like it is very necessary for success.

Mistakes and failures are something we inherently fear. We see them as loss. It is a basic human attribute to avoid loss. Loss means we may feel hurt, sad, depressed, panicky, anxious, stupid, exposed, and empty. We “lose face” if we don’t accomplish something right away or the first time we try.

Our primitive brain protects our bodily status quo by avoiding loss or change in any form.

Can this be why we fear to lose our weight? Because we do. We label it weight LOSS which automatically makes it hard for us to do! Weight loss involves making a lot of changes to our status quo.

Is our extra weight keeping us safe from harm? Our primitive brain thinks so because the extra pounds are part of our status quo.

In our weight loss journey we are all making mistakes, failing, and succeeding. Enough mistakes and failure blooms. Enough failure and success is found.

Carefully looking at our mistakes and failures reveals why we didn’t succeed.

If I didn’t lose weight this week it’s because I DID NOT:

  • make a meal plan this week.
  • eat my whole food diet.
  • follow the meal plan I made today.
  • choose the healthier food option for several meals.
  • drink water.
  • step on the scale this week.
  • stop eating at my +2.

For me all these DID NOT DO mistakes will lead to a failure to lose weight. How do I know? Because when I make a meal plan, eat whole food, follow my meal plan, drink water, stop eating at +2, and monitor my weight I ALWAYS lose weight.

Happy for me I learned from my mistakes. I succeeded in losing weight even though I was on vacation. Yippy Skippy! I got a happy feeling from a loss:)

Go and find your happy loss!



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