Humans use language to communicate ideas. The spoken language is a bunch of LABELS we attach to make an idea clear. It is an inexact process at best. Most of the time the idea gets altered or lost when translated by another brain!

It is very interesting to me how we label something we do that doesn’t come out the way we wanted or expected as BAD. We have a word that labels this idea – MISTAKE.

Thank heavens we have dictionaries that define words down to a meaning. Around 1250 A.D. the word “error” was created in Middle English from Latin. Within 100 years “error” evolved a new word, mistake. Seems like we can’t have enough words to describe screwing up!

I looked at synonyms for mistake and they are all pretty mild: blunder, glitch, inaccuracy, lapse, miscalculation, miscue, misstep, misunderstanding, omission, absurdity, boner, boo-boo, goof, slight, slip, stumble, faux pas, misbelief, misjudgment, slipup.

I like the Old Norse definition for mistaka: To take in error. I like this because it says exactly what we do with our mistakes; we take them inside us. Mistakes become part of us instead of events that are learned from. We let them fester inside us, repeatedly reminding us of when we screwed up!

Most mistakes are a mild boo-boo we probably don’t want to repeat. Sometimes mistakes can be something we want to do again! But because our choices cause our mistakes we want to be responsible and learn from them.

We can learn from mistakes to get better. And sometimes the mistake will get us where we want to go faster!

So quit holding on to your past diet mistakes as a flag of failure. They are just something we tried that didn’t go the way we expected because we were missing knowledge, just starting to practice, listening to someone else, or weren’t thinking at all.

In our jobs as healthcare providers we feel mistakes that happen at work in our gut. If we make a mistake that affects someone else it feels BAD. But unless we go back and learn about what happened to create the mistake it will be a lost opportunity to change.

“Take in the error”, evaluate it and learn what you can. This is our responsibility. After we learn from our mistakes we are FREE to let them go, they have served their purpose! Don’t hang onto mistakes you have learned from. It is not our responsibility to keep beating ourselves over the head with past mistakes! We are all good people and are always doing the best we can with what we know at the time.

We are good parents, nurses, friends, family, and humans. And all humans make mistakes throughout their lives.

I’ve already made plenty of mistakes while trying to lose weight. I made a mistake this week and cut down my 42-hour fasting protocol to 24 hours and stopped losing weight. But I didn’t gain weight either. I learned I need the longer fasting window to get fat adapted and chew up enough of my inside fat to lose a little weight. I also learned a 24 hour fast a few times a week will help me maintain my goal weight!

Staying with my program till December will get me where I want to be. If I make a mistake it will become my direction finder and show me what does NOT work for me. The only thing left to learn along the way is what DOES work for me. And I can’t SEE that without my mistakes.

Mistakes are EXCITING if you think of them this way!

Mistakes help us move safely through undiscovered country. Mistakes keep us moving forward out of the dark cave of fear, loss, and wanting.

What mistakes are you willing to make and HOW will they help continue your weight loss?

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