Changing Our Fears

Remember the little mice and their cheese? Sniff, Scurry, Hem, and Haw? Sniff and Scurry kept monitoring what was going on around them and changed when life happened.  Hem and Haw thought a lot about what was going on, focusing on how it affected them. Hem and Haw listened closely to the fearful labels their brains were throwing out: Change is scary! Change isn’t Safe!

Change feels icky if we are in a fearful state of mind.

But if we are in a curious state of mind change can feel like an opportunity.

Change requires learning something new. This takes effort our brain likes to avoid. Learning leads to growth and more change. Our primitive brain is set to make us fear this cycle. It labels everything outside the safe and comfortable cave we are in as SCARY!

It is up to our thinking brain to think thoughts that will generate an emotion other than fear. This new more positive emotion will then drive our actions and we will get a different result. WE WILL CHANGE!

Instead of coming home from work feeling “icky stressed” I think about feeling “relaxed” at being away from work. Instead of covering over the icky feeling with food I choose to do relaxing things to reinforce my emotion of relaxation:

  • Sit in a nice soft chair and put my feet up,
  • take a nap,
  • wait to eat,
  • eat a healthier choice,
  • drink a glass of water,
  • watch my favorite show,
  • walk some dogs at the shelter,
  • catch up on the day with my family,
  • clean a toilet,
  • get a hot shower,

or ANYTHING other than answering my emotions with food. All the above choices are actions I take from a relaxed emotional state to reinforce my thoughts and emotions of being RELAXED.

Choose to use that huge thinking brain you have and make a choice OTHER THAN EATING FOOD! Any other choice, there are literally thousands! A different choice is better for you than the old choice, which keeps unwanted weight on your body.

Pick one opportunity to change today. You will see right away it is not scary; there is nothing to fear. And soon you will be asking yourself: “Why did I wait so long to change?”


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