Purpose and Inspiration

We all are born with this universal, human purpose in life.

To exist.

That’s it, and it is enough.

This may sound deep but it is really just simple. We are born with our purpose INSIDE us. We don’t have to go and find a purpose; it is already part of us.

Obviously we do not all live our purpose (to exist) the same.

As we go through our lives we gain inspiration on how to live from many places: our culture, our family, the news media, other people, other events. These are all outside inspirations. They pale in comparison to our inside inspirations for giving us the self-confidence to live our lives as we choose.

Use yourself for inspiration.

The best reasons or inspirations for doing anything in life come from our inside.

Think about some strong positive emotions you carry around and how you use them for inspiration

You LOVE your kids.

That is your inspiration for working, paying bills, saving money, keeping healthy.

You CARE about other people.

That is your inspiration for keeping your car mechanically sound, being your patient advocate, helping others in the world.

Our inside inspirations enrich our purpose in life which is to exist.

Anything opposite of our inspirations are uninspiring, boring, uninteresting, drab, dull, spiritless, banal, dreary, humdrum, mundane, unexciting, bland, vapid, flat, insipid, lackluster, lifeless, monotonous, soulless, tedious, tiresome, trite, unremarkable, wearisome, characterless, uneventful, sterile, and ho-hum.

My inspiration for working through my cancer therapies 9 years ago was my daughter; because to me, she represented the complete opposite of all those uninspiring words I just listed.

My inspiration for losing weight is the feeling I have when I bound out of bed eager to get up every day with no carbohydrate hangover, aching joints, or dread of facing the day with low energy.

What is yours?

Look inside and find it. It is there.






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