My Experiment to Change my REE

This week I experimented with changing up my diet through meal timing, numbers of meals a day, and fasting. My experiment helped me lose 3 pounds!

My experiment included changing meal times to avoid eating later in the day AND reducing the total number of meals I ate in a week. I planned for two TYPES of days:

Days at home: I planned eating two meals before 4:00 pm.

Days at work: I planned fasting.

Days I work are the easiest for me to plan a fast. It is a hassle to pack food. I am busier at work and have a lot less time to get bored and think about food. Making workdays my intermittent fasting days was an easy choice. Our brains like easy!

I gave myself two ways to fast so I could change up my REE (Resting Energy Expenditure – we covered this last week) and avoid stagnating my basal metabolism. I could pick one or two fasting options each week.

24-hour fast – one meal before 4:00pm      OR

48-hour fast starting after 3pm on Sunday to 3pm Tuesday (or 3pm on Wednesday to 3pm Friday)

During my fast I had coffee, green tea, herbal tea, or water. I had vegetable broth when I got home at 3pm because it gave my mind something to “look forward to eating”.

On workdays I did either one meal before 4:00 pm or zero meals.

On days off I did two meals before 4:00 pm.

In addition to losing some weight this week I observed a few other things from my experiment:

  1. In choosing to do two 48-hour fasts I reduced the number of meals I ate in a week from 16 to 10.
  2. I was not hungry at work and much less “desperate” to eat a meal once I got home from work.
  3. I started thinking “I’m dining in on my own fat!” when my tummy growled at work.
  4. I really don’t need much food in a week! This observation showed me how much I overeat for my body!
  5. I didn’t plan what food I was going to eat; I just ate whatever I wanted to a satisfied level. I observed it was easier to pay attention to when I felt satisfied.
  6. I had a stronger desire to eat something healthy because I thought it was a good idea to make the meal “count” for my body’s nutritional needs.

On a very positive note for our weight loss group at work I have observed that the sweet things left in the lounge are not being eaten! We even had pizza left over three days later! This would have not been the case 6 months ago because everyone is much more aware of what they are eating and not going for the sugar and processed foods. Awesome!!

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