Boredom and Food

All our weight gain is from overeating. Overeating because we are bored, celebrating, awkward, fearful, happy, angry, or any other emotion you can name.

I pretty much want to eat in any of those circumstances. But I cannot do that if I want to lose weight or maintain my weight loss.

Coming off a month and a half respiratory illness that included taking steroids I gained 6 pounds because I stopped being aware of my overeating.

However, I have been reminded by the weight loss success of my co-workers over the same month and a half time period that I need to put back into practice my good eating habits of drinking water, planning my meals, sleeping, and doing the hunger scale.

I always feel bored after work and want to fill that boredom with food preparation and snacking while I meal prep but am going to level up my thinking by trying on a new habit. If I want to snack after work before dinner I have to put what I want on a plate and wait to eat it at dinnertime. This way I can SEE what extra food I am emotionally eating because I am bored.

Then when I sit down to eat my meal and my emotional food snack I can decide if I want it all. It will be a good visual for my mind to see what my emotions are having me overeat. I want to use the plate to stimulate my awareness by using the just noticeable difference of what I see to help my brain ask, “Do I want to eat all this food?”

Why is it when I am bored, or happy, or angry I respond with eating food?

Because it is my go to habit I have built over years.

I don’t like this habit that results in extra fat on my body. I need to replace this habit that gets me the immediate gratification of food in my mouth with one that is based on the delayed gratification of feeling healthy at my normal weight.

I want to replace my current post-work habit of soothing my emotions with food. But that will be difficult if I don’t have a compelling reason that answers the WHY I don’t need the immediate gratification I get from that food.

“Absent a WHY, a decision is harder to make,” says Steven Pressfield.

I found my why by looking at the emotions inside me. I don’t like the emotions I feel when I come home after work! I want to replace them with ones I do like. Why? Because I want to FEEL better inside!

I will not find these new emotions near the refrigerator, pantry or stove!

So, this month I will look outside of the kitchen for these emotions. I’ m looking in the park, at the gym, at the local pet shelter, outside in my yard, in my favorite chair with a good book, at the local library, in a museum, or with my friends and family.

I want to trade feeling bored, stressed, depressed, unhappy, scared, afraid, and any other emotion that distresses me with happiness, achievement, confidence, motivation, joy, silliness, healthiness, strength, curiosity or any other emotion that makes me feel good.

This week take a look at your emotions and WHERE you are habitually feeling them. Maybe take the action of changing your WHERE on a regular basis. At the very least you will experience a different perspective that gives your brain something new to consider!


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