Friction is a resistance to motion or change of any sort. Most of our weight loss activities require us to change in spite of friction and resistance.

Resistance to change in the brain is expressed as fear, self-doubt, procrastination, addiction, distraction, timidity, perfectionism, self-loathing, ego, etc.

Resistance is a reliable obstacle to change of any sort; we can always count on it! It is a giant STOP sign that pops up in our head automatically blocking where we really want to go. Changing our diet pretty much has our brains holding up this STOP sign every step of the way.

Imagine a train with one engine pulling five cars. The last car is labeled “Friction” and is full of heavy coal. How would the engine feel if the “Friction Car” was uncoupled and left behind? Lighter? Faster? Freer?

If reducing friction and resistance to change is helpful how can we do it?

First is awareness. Thinking that something or someone is slowing you down is just a story in your head. Thinking a specific person, patient, task, object, duty, or diet is in your way of getting what you want is just a story you are telling yourself.

Next, ask yourself this: Is my current diet story getting me the results I want?

Perhaps your story is, “I’m getting older and it is going to be harder to lose weight now”. Or, “I can lose the weight anytime. I’ll start on Monday.” Or, “I’m not losing weight fast enough eating this way so I’m going to try a better way.”

If your story continually produces feelings of irritation, frustration, anger, delay, confusion, helplessness, or isolation then that is a lousy story to keep telling yourself!

Remember, you are so much more enlightened than you were in December! Other people are not as aware of their thinking as you are. In fact the vast majority of other people are not aware of this truth: What we think produces the results in our lives.

Be aware when your brain produces thoughts like:

“This person is making my job harder!”
“This equipment has it out for me!”
“My co-workers are doing this on purpose!”
“This doctor is doing this to irritate me!”
“My boss gives me stupid stuff to do!”
“Why is my life so hard?”
“I can’t follow my weight loss plan while my life is so crazy!”

These types of thoughts are neurological friction. These thoughts are not the facts of your life but your brain sure likes to market them as such! Remember our brains like everything to feel EASY, PLEASURABLE, and PAIN FREE!

Habitual thoughts and stories persist in your brain because they activate those fast-spiking interneurons like an involuntary reflex. If you want a better result you need to bombard these neurons with new thoughts until the new thoughts become the normal reflex response you desire.

Be kind to yourself. Changing thoughts and neurotransmitter cascade pathways takes the three P’s: patience, persistence, and practice. It is your choice to think thoughts that will take you somewhere better.

Have another great week,

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