This week we are going to start becoming aware of:
• what hunger feels like in our bodies
• what being satisfied feels like

The hunger scale helps to understand when to eat (-2) and when you are satisfied (+2). You want to find your Sweet Spot:

                          Hangry         Sweet Spot                        Full
(Starving)-10——5—- -2—-0—+2-—-5——-+10 (Won the wing bowl)

Hunger is a physical sensation of emptiness, maybe slight growling, thinking about food more and concentrating on the task at hand less. Hunger comes and goes in gentle waves so if you ignore it for 15 minutes or so (drink a glass of water) it will lessen or go away entirely.

If you aren’t hungry at your break time or lunch then wait to eat.

Physical hunger is NOT when you walk into the lounge on Friday and Andy’s doughnuts are sitting on the table and you suddenly want to eat one! That is called EMOTIONAL HUNGER and is concocted entirely inside your head.

Most people can go just fine with 3-5 hours between meals and you will notice if you are busy doing something you enjoy you can go even longer.

On the other side, being satisfied with your meal is a more subtle feeling and this one has been more of a challenge for me to get a handle on. When I am satisfied I lose interest in the food, take a sigh, sometimes I burp, and start looking around for something else to do. I always leave at least two bites on my plate. I will wait for 10 to 15 minutes and see if I want those two bites or I’ll throw them away.

It usually takes me 10 minutes of eating to feel satisfied. I chew everything mindfully and don’t hork it down to get more in like I used to do ☺

Each time you wait till your hunger is at a -2 and stop eating when your hunger is at a +2 you are no longer overeating at that meal. You will give your body less food to turn into sugar and make your body go after the stored fat inside your body that you want to get rid of. We call this DINING IN☺

• So, keep hydrated all day till your pee is light yellow,
• don’t eat till you are feeling some physical hunger,
• stop eating when you feel satisfied, not full!

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