Hello on this last Friday of 2018!

We have talked about taking in water to stay hydrated, waiting to eat until we are hungry, and stopping eating when we are satisfied. Today we are going to talk about the importance of a good night’s sleep for weight loss.

A good night’s sleep is 7 hours long and helps to:

• reduce cravings

• burn fat

• the fat burned comes from our fat stores and not muscle

What happens when we sleep less than 7 hours:

• we overeat when we are tired due to an increase in GHRELIN hormone levels, a hormone made primarily in the stomach which stimulates appetite, making us eat more often and more at each meal!

• we feel less satisfaction after eating meals and therefore eat more!

• we produce more Cortisol which stimulates the reward center of the brain (amygdala) making us crave more food – usually our favorites like potato chips and cake, not necessarily kale and wheatgrass!

• we lack energy to exercise

• we think in old bad habits that lead to poor food choices

More studies show a good night’s sleep is vital to our overall health, not just helpful in losing and maintaining weight. It needs to be a daily habit like our water and using the hunger scale at each meal☺

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