It is false that calories in = calories out. This simple concept has made the food and diet industries happy for decades because it was so easy to market. Sadly, it cannot be accurately applied to a dynamic, complex, homeostatic system like a human!

Obesity is a disease of time. It shows up over time, not right away but in response to a change in appetite regulatory hormones that are abused for years and decades.

Our bodies are amazing and can adjust to many changes. But, if we keep our insulin levels high all the day long by eating frequently or largely, what do you imagine will eventually happen?

By continually adding to our fat stores by overeating every day the leptin released by our fat cells is always circulating and no longer effective in telling the brain to turn off our appetite. What will eventually happen?

Hyperinsulinemia leads to insulin-resistance which leads to excessive leptin and ultimately, leptin-resistance. This feedback loop is the inevitable result of our overeating.

It took years for us to get our body into this condition. It will take time for us to get out of this condition. But we can do it. By not overeating. By allowing our body to not have insulin circulating all the time. By not eating all the time.

While our bodies adjust back to normal hormonal appetite regulation we will encounter plateaus and stalled weight loss.

This is when we can look at our meal plans, figure out if we are still overeating, and adjust the type, frequency, or amount of food we should eat in order to jumpstart our weight loss and get it moving the direction we want to go.

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