We are now a solid month into 2019. Are you still excited about losing weight?

Probably not so much, right? Everyone starts losing their forward momentum and motivation about now, especially if the results haven’t been as spectacular as we expected back on January 1st!

Viktor Frankl (neurologist, psychologist, and Holocaust survivor) once said:
“Life can be pulled by goals as surely as it can be pushed by drives.”

Our 4 basic and meal planning habits will pull us into the future we desire.

Or, we can blow off our plan and be pushed around by the vagaries of food marketing, other people’s demands, our emotional habits, and shear laziness.

We have two choices: To do our meal plan or to not do our meal plan. Simple!

If you haven’t done a meal plan then start today.

If you haven’t yet done a 24-hour meal plan in advance then start today.

Our meal plan data shows us where we can level up, identify patterns, adjust our meal plans, and change our food choices. It is where we face up to what we are doing on a daily basis!

It shows us where our helpful habits are and where we need to build better habits instead of wallowing in confusion, doubt, and indecision. This crappy mental state allows our brain to say, “Hey, let’s look for a new quick fix!”

Now, go back and look over your meal plans and figure out what worked and what didn’t. Hint: if you have documented your overeats you may identify a pattern that is waving the white flag of “Ego Depletion”. This is when our willpower and self-control surrender to our bad eating habits. My personal ego depletion zone is from 2-5pm after work and this where most of my overeating occurs.

Practicing the habits that pull us where we want to go makes them easier to do. Then the magic starts to happen! Our new habits begin to start helping us do the hard work of sticking with our lifelong diet!

Our new habits will become the force that works for us against all the pushing and shoving thoughts our brains manufacture: Why can’t I have this? This tastes so good! I was good at work today cause I didn’t eat the doughnut! I don’t want to waste this! I can’t throw this away because it cost money! I’m too tired. I just want to feel better! I felt angry at work and this cookie will make me feel better, and on and on and on.

This type of self-talk justifies not planning, eating off plan, overeating, or just saying “Fuck It” and telling ourselves we will just start over tomorrow, or Monday, or after the party.

Just Keep doing the Plan:

• drink enough water so your pee is pale yellow
• sleep 7+ hours
• practice the hunger scale at each meal
• write a meal plan 24 hours in advance then follow it
• following your Protocol

Next week we add thought work to build the habits we want. ALL overeating is based on what we are thinking and feeling at the time.

Mike Cohn, SCRUM Agility Founder, said in 2015: “If you loosen your grip on certainty, I think you will find a whole world of possibilities, a new path to learning and growth. But I could be wrong.”* I love this quote, we could all be wrong, and isn’t that a freeing thought – no more failure! It’s the learning and thinking that matter.

*(For those of you who are wondering what SCRUM means it is a term that originated in Rugby. In this case means: a set of practices used in agile project management for software development that emphasize daily communication and the flexible reassessment of plans that are carried out in short, iterative phases of work. Exactly what we do with the 4 basics, protocol and data assessment! SCRUM is used to enhance billion dollar companies so if it works for them it will work for us!)

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