Meaningful change requires some planning.

Meaningful change requires some execution.

Meaningful change requires some compliance.

This month you are planning the execution you are going to comply with in your diet.

By diet I simply mean what you eat/drink and when you eat/drink it.

This will not restrict you from any food; your food and drink choices are your own, but:

• food choices are planned ahead of time,

• food choices on the plan become what your are accountable for.

We all will document our food choices, whatever they are, for each week the entire month of January. Our weekly weight will be a measure of our progress.

As simple as this process sounds it requires practice because we are not used to being so aware of what we are eating. Eating that contributes to our being overweight is mindless! Like eating when we are bored, always eating popcorn at  the movies, cleaning the kids plates of the last few bites before they go in the dishwasher, or tasting the meal as we make it.

The meal plan will reveal what we are doing in our daily diet.

Attached is a meal plan framework to plan your meals.

You will then use the meal plan to document your actual diet as the days go by or you can document on the YouAte app by just taking a picture of your food.

Your weight can be documented on the meal plan page or you can use the Happy Scale app. Weigh yourself daily to start as we will use this data point to fine tune your diet. An increase or decrease in weight can be a reflection of your diet or life that happened that week so we use this data point to be curious about what we are doing with our diet and what is happening in our life!

Meal planning is now added to your water, sleep, and hunger scale habits you started to work on in December!


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