It is almost spring and change is in the air!

Did you know that changes are the way we humans experience life? We don’t notice a temperature change from 58 to 60 degrees but when we combine a sunny day at 60 degrees with a sweet smelling wind and daffodils in bloom we finally take note and say, “IT’S SPRING!”

Inside our bodies our cells also react to a “change”. For example, our brain neurophysiology responds to a light stimulus once it reaches a certain level.

• If we turn on a small light while in a dark room a little light is enough to stimulate the visual system allowing us to “see” quite well.

• On the flip side, if we move from the super bright sunlight into a dark bar our over stimulated visual system has to shut off before it can “see” inside the bar.

Now let’s apply this idea to our weight loss.

When we were at a healthy weight our body responded to a change in our appetite level. The brain could “see” very low levels of leptin announcing the fat stores were low which stimulated the brain to “switch” our appetite on and have us eat food. Our appetite then “switched off” when our stomach stretched enough to feel satisfied and our cells could “see” insulin and take in glucose.

If we are currently overweight our appetite regulatory center is “seeing” a change in our appetite differently than it did when we were a healthy weight.

Because of our current leptin-resistance our brain doesn’t “see” the leptin knocking at the door announcing “we’re good with enough stored fat here!” Because of our current insulin-resistance the cells don’t “see” the insulin at the cell wall announcing “I got all this glucose for you cells, come on and take it cause otherwise I’m shoving it into the fat closet!”

We arrived at our overweight condition by gradually altering our appetite “switch”. Our overeating was either constantly turning the “switch” on and off or more likely, just keeping it on. This habit became imbedded in our behavior. The “changes” we started responding to were dictated by preprocessed food, food marketing and food pushers. We started consistently overeating. Here and there, meal by meal, day by day, and on to year after year.

Now our appetite “switch” is stuck in the on position because we are emotionally eating when our body is not hungry.

But we are now aware of what we are doing. We know about our manuals and how they are not helping us. We know our emotional eating is just putting a buffer between the painful, negative thoughts we are thinking about a circumstance in our lives.

This awareness can put you back in control of your appetite “switch”. Make the best choice you can at each meal. If you overeat at a meal or eat off your protocol meal plan then figure out why you did it with the model and just make a better choice at your next meal. No beating yourself up and no judgments!

To change your appetite “switch” and get back to your healthy weight:

==> get >7 hours sleep each night
==> drink enough water to keep your pee pale yellow
==> eat when your body sends out physical hunger signals
==> quit eating when your body sends out physical satisfied signals
==> plan meals 24 hours in advance and writing down the food you eat
==> ask if your thoughts are hurting or helping in your food choices
==> practice better thoughts that help you make better choices

Wow! And all this is free to do! Let’s have another great week!

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